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C o n s u l t.     D e s i g n.     B u i l d.     L i v e.

You know what you want... We bring it to realization. Small House Solutions is a consultation, design, build, and development company based in Austin, TX. We also serve Houston and San Antonio markets.

The words of our niche: "Tiny House", "Park Model", "Small House", "ADU", "Prefab", "Modern", "Modular", "Zoning", "Code", "Permitting", "Site Prep", "Development", "Design", "Engineering", "Parking", "Land", "Efficiency", "Sustainable", "Fast", "Economical", "Community", "Off Grid".

Tiny House Builder Austin
Our Tiny Houses and Park Models can be custom designed, and are engineered and built to RVIA standards. Your new house will be sealed with the respected RVIA decal upon completion, and will be delivered, blocked, and leveled at no additional cost (within 200 miles of Austin, San Antonio, or Houston). We offer a 90 day comprehensive warranty, and nearly all materials and appliances are under warranty well beyond that.

We love to help folks understand the steps to get a tiny, small, or custom modular house that is unique, affordable, and meets necessary building codes in your area. If you have questions, be sure to contact us!

Tiny House [tahy-nee houz]
A house that is tiny! 128 - 240 sq. ft. 8.5' max width. Built on a DOT approved trailer w/ VIN #. RVIA Certified. Meant to be moved place to place.

Park Model [pahrk mod-l]
Park it for awhile! 240 - 399 sq. ft. > 8.5' width. Moved with an oversize permit to private property or an RV park. RVIA Certified. Can be moved again.

Small House [smawl houz]
Live Life. Dwell Smart! 200 - 1,100 sq. ft. Built in a factory with modular construction methods. Satisfies residential building and zoning codes. Moved directly to a permanent foundation.

Accessory Dwelling Unit [ak-ses-uh-ree dwel-ing yoo-nit]
Two is better than one! Commonly known as a backyard home, granny flat, or ADU. Popular in Austin, San Antonio, and the West Coast. Often used for income generation.


Modular Home Builder San Antonio

Our team of professional designers and experienced construction personnel work with you to custom design and build your perfect house. Our custom design process begins at $1,000 and the fee serves as a deposit towards your purchase.

Park Model Builder Texas
Tiny House Builder Austin
Park Model Builder Texas

Tiny House Builder Texas
Custom Tiny Home Builder Texas
Tiny Homes For Sale Texas

How it works:

  • We start with a discussion and napkin sketch (rough floor plan).
  • Share with us your favorite Pinterest design concepts, screenshots, websites, etc... This helps us us understand your style.
  • We transform the napkin sketch and concepts into a CAD floor plan.
  • You select your exterior options and we will create your colored elevations plan.
  • You select your interior finishes and features. We provide you with various 3D floor plan views.
  • Once your exterior and interior designs are approved by you, we design 1 interior and 1 exterior photo realistic rendering.
  • We provide you with a build cost quote and a best price guarantee. We will beat any RVIA certified builders price!
Backyard House Builder Austin
ADU Builder Austin
Backyard House Builder Austin

When your house build is complete, it will delivered, blocked, and leveled, at no additional charge. **Must be within 200 miles of Austin or Houston, Texas.** $4-$8/mile after 200 miles.

Below is an example of some selections made by a previous client for their custom 32' Gooseneck Tiny House:
Modular Home Builder Houston

We offer turnkey land development and modular construction services to tiny house community investors.

Modular Home Builder San Antonio

Do you desire to live legally in a "tiny house" or "small house" within the city limits of a municipality?

Most city zoning codes around the nation prevent tiny houses on wheels from being occupied inside of their city limits. Small House Solutions offers custom modular tiny home designs and construction that are considered by the State of Texas to be no different from traditional on-site construction. All of our modular small homes are built to the required local building codes.

In partnership with architects, professional engineers, our manufacturing partners, and local contractors, Small House Solutions is able to design and build your dream house within the city limits of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and surrounding areas.

We look forward to learning about your interest in tiny, small, and modular houses and how we can help you fulfill your goals.


Backyard House Builder Austin