Are ADUs the New Frontier for Tiny Home Living.

Tiny Homes in Austin, TX

With the average American household coming in around 2600 square feet and the cost of living increasing, the tiny house movement is in full swing as a possible solution. In up and coming cities like Austin, Texas this idea of downsizing living space and building in backyards is on the rise to save citizens from the cost of living to stay near the city’s downtown area.

From granny flats to backyard houses and tiny homes, Austin saw a 34% jump in Accessory Dwelling Unit permit requests from 2015-2016. These requests are steadily rising as builders like Small House Solutions are providing solutions to the city’s overcrowding and overpriced living problems.

ADUs, by definition, come in under 1100 square feet and are secondary dwelling units so they are built on the same property as the main house but positioned at least 10 feet from it on the same lot. These secondary properties can be utilized by the owner of the main property, rented out, or used as a guesthouse..

Small House Solutions offers several options for folks looking to downsize their house including everything from park models (tiny homes averaging 240-399 square feet) and small modular homes to THOWs (Tiny House On Wheels).

The beauty of tapping into the tiny house movement in its growth is that buyers can utilize custom builders like Small House Solutions who will walk you through each step from a phone consult to rough plans, all the way to the specialized build reveal. They use DOT certified trailers for homes on wheels and each house is RVIA certified. This certification makes insuring your home much easier.

Building a small modular home or a granny flat allows home owners to make an extra stream of income from renting out the secondary house through reliable sites such as travelers from AirBnB or even friends or relatives looking to downsize. These ADUs also provide an answer to folks looking to simplify life and enjoy an abundance of budget since they will be cutting down on their cost of living while remaining within Austin’s city limits. If you are seeking to minimize your ‘stuff’ and decrease your debt, contact Small House Solutions now to see how they can customize a dream home that fits your needs and meets the requirements of your municipality.

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