Building Your Dream Tiny House for $50k, $70k, $90k.

Tiny Homes in Austin, TX

As the cost of living in many urban locations rise with the influx of people moving there for jobs, experience, or environment, retirees and the next generation of homeowners are realizing that there has to be a better way to afford a house they actually love instead of throwing thousands away in monthly rent for a teeny apartment or studio in the city. In many up and coming cities like Austin, alternative housing is exploding in popularity. With the legalization of granny flats, ADUs, (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and backyard bungalows, people are making passive income from land they already own and others are making great use of these beautiful and affordable smaller homes.

At Small House Solutions, you are able to build your dream tiny house on wheels or on an engineered foundation for $50,000, $70,000, or $90,000 and everything in between. Instead of going with a builder who might hang $120,000 price tags on similarly sized models, Small House Solutions is able to take your needs and wants list and bring them to life in a forever tiny home that fits your budget.

Here is what you can expect out of each price point.

Shopping at $50,000: At this price tag, Small House Solutions is able to custom build a 12-16 foot THOW (Tiny House On Wheels) to suit your needs. Depending on the length of trailer you select, your remaining budget for customizations and upgrades may change. For instance, a customer choosing to remain in the $50k price and who chooses a 12’ house on wheels will have more allowance for interior upgrades or exterior preferences, whereas someone in the same price range choosing a longer trailer will be spending more of their budget on the larger size for its additional trailer length and material costs.

Should you opt for a stationary small home instead of one on wheels, Small House Solutions can design a turnkey home with a permit or build an ADU that is similar to a studio model that falls in the 200 square foot range. These can be perfect for the student, guest, or in-law suite.

Spending near $70,000: The least expensive park model offered by Small House Solutions starts around $60,000. This style of smaller home is larger in width and more spacious than road requirements allow so it has to be professionally hauled to its location, however they can still be parked long-term in most RV parks. Should you choose this style, you can start at the $60,000 price tag and begin customizations for your personal needs until you reach your $70k price point.

Many customers from Small House Solutions fall in the $75,000 price pocket and that can buy someone a lot of tiny real estate! A 300-400 square foot ADU custom build would be in this price point as well. Should you choose a home under 300 sqft, you would have room in your budget for custom upgrades like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, washer/dryer, dishwasher, and flooring upgrades, whereas the 300-400 sqft option would eat up more of your customization budget so it would come with more standard features. Small House Solutions standard features can be found by clicking the big Standard Features button on the Homepage.

Sticking to the $90,000 range: Should your budget allow the $90,000 price tag, you would be open to building a luxury park model or THOW with beautiful custom touches as your budget allows. This price point is still well below the national average for custom tiny house builds and allows you to custom design your tiny dream home.

Bumping up to the $90k range allows large additions such as porches, lofts, and major interior upgrades to thing like flooring and appliances. A tiny house on wheels or park model could be up to 40 feet in length and an ADU this price point could be in the 450-550 sqft range—almost unheard of in the tiny house community at this price..

Small House Solutions doesn’t want to take money from clients and have them settle for less than their dream home. Our team will walk you through the customized building process from an initial consultationl, to the design, and the build.

A more minimalistic lifestyle can mean saving money and still living in luxury.

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