How Custom Small Houses are A Step Above

Over the past decade the tiny house movement has begun to make waves, causing people to question the former ‘American Dream’ since living it puts you in an average house size of over 2500 square feet. For members of rural communities, this might be affordable, but if you are looking for city living in places like Austin, the cost of living far outweighs the average income.

Small House Solutions sees this need and seeks to meet you where you are as we expand our services to areas like Killeen, Temple, Belton, Harker Heights, and Copperas Cover. We aren’t only building THOWs (Tiny House on Wheels), although we do those as well. We custom design and construct homes of all sizes from 16’ long travel trailers that are fully mobile to larger park model homes or ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) that are closer to 400-500 square feet.

With a custom builder like Small House Solutions, you are getting quality and small-business care with the perfection of certified builders. Now offering free consultations on your site within 30 minutes of the I-35 corridor from Austin to Waco. Our expert team offers site analysis, due-diligence, and permitting in addition to our custom home design process. Unlike most tiny home builders, we also have services to help match you with the right real estate agent to help you find a property fit for your construction goals.

Smaller homes are becoming wildly popular. What once was seen as trendy, non-traditional living by young couples is now becoming a great investment for retirees, singles, and even growing families. Whether you are seeking to simplify your own life and enjoy tiny living or not, consider the investment of a small house. If you already own land, especially near densely populated areas of Texas like San Antonio or Austin, you are able to legally build an ADU on your property and that can become a granny flat for family or even become passive income as an AirBnb rental or long-term rental property.

As housing costs continue to soar across the country, Small House Solutions offers an answer to the problem by sitting down with you from consultation through construction and allowing you to design your dream tiny house. You choose the floorplan and everything from interior décor to custom flooring, ladders or lofts, and steps and storage, we are here to make the process smooth and enjoyable. We also offer turnkey options for those looking to purchase quickly.

Enjoy the financial freedom that comes with living simply in a small home. Allow our experts at Small House Solutions to come to you whether you are near Killeen, Temple, Belton, Waco, or Jarrell so we can ensure you enjoy your tiny home experience from start to finish

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