Tiny Homes in Austin, TX

Ask anyone who has their finger on the pulse of the tiny house movement what potential buyers’ greatest fears revolve around and almost every answer will align with the simple question of where to park your tiny. When a home is built on wheels, it can carry with it several yards of red tape to wade through in order to make the governing bodies or municipalities happy when configuring a place to park.

Jason Kahle from Small House Solutions was interviewed about their process for partnering with home buyers to assure them the security of a safe and legal place to park their dream tiny.

1.How long has Small House Solutions ( been building tiny houses and small homes and how did they get started?

Small House Solutions has been building since 2016. The business formed out of another business, which was a park model retailer. We've expanded our product line and services to include consultations, RV and home design, custom THOW's [Tiny House On Wheels], custom Park Models, custom Modular Homes, and custom Site-Built Homes. We build our own product, as opposed to merely selling someone else's.

2. Many people looking to build tiny are afraid of parking illegally. Tell me how RVIA certification can assist in parking a THOW legally.

While few RV parks don't accept tiny homes or park models at all, many do! However, nearly all RV parks require the admired RVIA certification and decal to be on the tiny homes and park models that occupy their pads. RVIA decals represent that that home is built to ANSI standards and has been inspected by a 3rd party during construction. The certification can also aid in obtaining financing and insurance. Small House Solutions turns out models with this coveted RVIA certification making it much easier to park your tiny, park model, or modular in any RV park across the US.

3. Zoning typically refers to city expectations and many people feel that tiny houses are illegal because the city cannot collect taxes. How can you help customers park their tiny legally?

We are partnering with RV Parks and [land] developers to offer parking spaces to our clients that are either out of a city's jurisdiction or are in an RV park that is legally zoned and permitted for RV's to park.

4. Can you expand on how those legalities might differ in counties or on agricultural land?

The State of Texas does not allow counties to create or enforce zoning laws. If a property is outside of a city's limits or ETJ, an RV park may be developed on any property so long as a professionally OSSF (On-Site Segway Facility) AKA Septic System is professionally designed and is compliant with county and state code, it is legal.

5. How can Small House Solutions help me to find a place to park my tiny home legally?

We explore all options. We will give you methods to search for properties to purchase, call our RV park contacts to check on current availability, and show you some online tools for you to do your own searching.

Jason Kahle from Small House Solutions is incredibly knowledgeable about ordinances, codes, and zoning so this allows folks at Small House Solutions to offer great options to park your dream tiny, THOW, park model, or modular home without fearing legal ramifications.

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