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What is the difference between a tiny house and a small house?

Most "tiny houses" seen on TV are 8.5' wide and can be transported by a large truck. Our "small houses" are 399' and are meant for semi-permanent placement. They are wider and feel much bigger. They can include porches and lofts.

What does "ADU" mean?

An ADU is an "Accessory Dwelling Unit". This is a secondary housing unit. These are often referred to as a backyard house or granny-flat. Austin, TX has recently laxed the ordinances on ADU's and other states and cities are following Austin's lead!

Do you deliver tiny houses outside of Texas?

Yes, we can deliver to all lower 48 states. We offer free delivery, blocking, leveling, and tie-down on all models delivered within a 100 mile radius of Austin, TX.

What is "zoning" and how does it effect tiny house parking?

Think "City Only"... Zoning is a restriction on the way land within its jurisdiction can be used. Without zoning, a gun store could open up next to a school, or an adult club could operate near a playground. Zoning does not exist in areas outside the city limits.

Do counties allow tiny living? What regulations do counties enforce?

While some Texas counties do appear to require building permits and inspections (Travis and Hays), others (Williamson) do not. We have worked with the heads of county departments and they refer to many of the permitting/inspection "requirements" as unenforced silliness written on paper. Nevertheless, Small House Solutions project managers strictly adhere to any written county regulations to get your job done right.

Here is what all counties DO take seriously, regulate, and enforce:

OSSF's - "On-Site Sewage Facilities". AKA Septic System. We work with licensed septic designers and installers to ensure all permitting and installation is done properly and in compliance with TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality) standards.

Right of Way's/Driveways. A permit must be granted to begin construction on a driveway if the entrance/exit adjoins a county road.

Floodplain Management. Homebuilders and developers must ensure that new construction and additions to existing structures do not encroach on a floodplain as determined by FEMA.

What are deed restrictions?

Deed restrictions are written agreements that restrict, or limit, the use or activities that may take place on property in a subdivision. These restrictions appear in the real property records of the county in which the property is located. They are private agreements and are binding upon every owner in a subdivision.

Can you help me find a place to park my new house?

Yes! We have partnered with knowledgeable realtors, landowners, and developers to find parking solutions for our clients.

Can I customize my house?

You can customize many things such as: Cabinets, Flooring, Counter-Tops, Backsplash, Paint Colors, Exterior Cladding, Etc� We also have a variety of optional upgrades for you to choose from during your design process. .

How can I get financing for tiny houses?

Our clients have found financing solutions by way of:
  1. Personal Loans (Such as Lending Club, SoFi, Lightstream)
  2. RV Loans via a local credit union
  3. Mortgage Refinance, Home equity Loan, or Renovation Loan
  4. Construction loans

What happens when my house is delivered?

A Small House Solutions staff-member will be on-site to oversee the blocking, leveling, and tying down of your home. We will thoroughly inspect the house and all components to our high quality and expectations. Any deficiencies will be quickly addressed by our servicing team.

Do the small houses come with a warranty?

Each of our houses are covered by a 90 day wall-to-wall warranty. In addition, each individual component of your tiny or small house has its own warranty. An example of this is the 25 year warranty on fiber-cement siding. Upon delivery of your house, a Small House Solutions staff-member will show you in how to fill out your warranty cards for later servicing.

How much finish out is required?

Your house will be delivered to you as a finished product. Once it is hooked up to the utility connections, it will be ready for move-in that day.

Do I need a building permit?

Small House Solutions handles all required building permits for clients who are hiring us for land development. We are aware of permitting requirements in various jurisdictions and will ensure that all development is done legally and properly.

Are your tiny houses portable?

8.5' tiny houses are portable. Be sure to check weight specs to know if your truck is fit to handle the tow. Small houses wider than 8.5' require a moving permit which our professional movers acquire from the appropriate authorities.
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