The Process... How It Works

Due diligence. Investigate small house living in your area. (Zoning, Deed Restrictions, City Ordinances, County Departments). Schedule a Consultation with Small house Solutions HERE, and speak with officials at your city land development office or relevant county departments.

The purchase process includes scheduling an initial Consultation. The consult can take take place at our model home or or by video with a tiny house expert. Your consult will include exploration of your design desires, so bring whatever questions and style concepts your have in mind!

The next step will be to schedule a design and estimation appointment. This is where we get into the details of your unique home and build a custom quote for you. This process requires a small deposit for your home.

Land Solution. RV parks, tiny house communities, private property outside of the city limits, and backyard secondary dwelling units are the most popular land options for small house living. Find out more about your parking options by scheduling a Consult with us.

Our network of Central Texas realtors are familiar with our small houses and their land solutions. Would you like the help of one of our small house realtor partners to help you find the right piece of property to live tiny on? Contact us!

Finances and credit. Though financing a tiny or small house can be difficult, many people are finding success fulfilling their tiny living dream through a combination of saving cash, a personal loan, and in-house dealer financing. Lenders such as Lightstream, SoFi, and Lending Club do not hold tiny house titles as collateral, enabling dealers to hold title.

Land Development. If your land solution requires development, find a general contractor who cares about your desires and can address any permitting and install utilities properly (Septic/Sewer, Roads, Water, Electric, Etc...). Learn more about our development services.

Delivery and Hook-Ups. Our team will deliver your house to your desired location. We will block, level, and tie-down your home using the same industry-wide standards use by manufactured housing installers.


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