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The Austin tiny house tour is an experience that combines a GPS based scavenger hunt with augmented reality technology via an iPad. The adventures consists of trivia like questions, riddles, puzzles, and of course, TINY HOUSES! You will get to see seven unique tiny houses around Austin, Texas.

How it works:
You may purchase a ticket on-line for a scheduled time to pick up an iPad preloaded with our proprietary software. You will use the iPad and your own vehicle during this self-guided tour to locate unique tiny houses around Austin. At each GPS marked location, you will be given a chance to answer a question or solve a riddle based upon a clue related to the tiny houses.

Austin Tiny House Tour Stops:
The first stop on our tiny house tour is just half a mile away from the starting point, the Austin Visitor Center at 4th and Red River (Downtown). You may either walk or drive to your first unique tiny house marker. The second tiny house location is at a future tiny house community about 15 minutes drive from the Austin Visitors Center. You will need to drive or take a ride-share (Ride Austin, Fasten, etc...) to get there. The last tiny house is about a 15 minute drive that will allow you to see inside and learn about park model tiny houses and Austin's ADU's (Accessory Dwelling Units). You will get to see a beautiful backyard tiny house hooked up to utilities.

When you participate in this Austin tiny house tour, expect to see some amazing structures and learn about up to SEVEN small houses: tiny houses, park models and a smart micro-house in what is a memorable 3 hour(ish) experience.

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